Discover Lagos, get to know the Municipality

Tourism in Lagos is mostly attracted by its beaches during the warm Summer season. The months of July, August and September are the busiest, and while its greatest allure has all to do with the variety of beautiful beaches and region’s abundance, the city has been aggressively “modernized” and pushed into the 21st century. Lagos used to be one of the best preserved cities in the Algarve, and in its historic centre works of art and sculptures still coexist with buildings of different eras, marking the historical moments the city has staged.

The municipality is located approximately 35 Km East of the Cape St. Vincent coast, along the southern coast of the Algarve. It is surrounded along its borders by the municipalities of Vila do Bispo (to the west), Aljezur (to the northwest), Monchique (to the northeast) and Portimão (to the east). It covers an area of around 212,84 Km2 and it’s divided in six civil parishes.

Map Location of Lagos in the Algarve

Lagos Map
Lagos location map – Google Map Link