Lagos Weather

These are average temperatures and typical weather in Lagos throughout the year. If you prefer instant up-to-date weather see the right sidebar on the homepage.

Temperatures in ºC

MonthAvg. LowAvg. HighPrecipitation
January6ºC15ºC4.55 cm
February10ºC16ºC3.20 cm
March11ºC18ºC3.15 cm
April13ºC20ºC2.75 cm
May14ºC22ºC1.92 cm
June18ºC25ºC0.26 cm
July20ºC28ºC0.19 cm
August19ºC28ºC0.06 cm
September19ºC26ºC1.72 cm
October16ºC22ºC5.52 cm
November13ºC19ºC6.76 cm
December10ºC16ºC9.45 cm

Temperatures in ºF

MonthAvg. LowAvg. HighPrecipitation
January43ºF59ºF1.79 in
February50ºF61ºF1.26 in
March52ºF64ºF1.24 in
April55ºF68ºF1.08 in
May57ºF72ºF0.76 in
June64ºF77ºF0.10 in
July68ºF82ºF0.07 in
August68ºF82ºF0.02 in
September66ºF79ºF0.68 in
October61ºF72ºF2.17 in
November55ºF66ºF2.66 in
December50ºF61ºF3.72 in