Faro to Lagos

Chances are you will be arriving by aeroplane to Faro International airport (FAO). But nevertheless, here you will also find other ways you can reach Lagos, either if you come driving or by train from another city in the Algarve, Portugal or Europe.

You will also find here opening and closing times for most common services and amenities, useful phone numbers and information on how to get around in Lagos, either using the public transportation or renting a car yourself.

Lagos is located around 90Km from Faro Airport (via A22 highway), which is usually around 1h driving without traffic and within the speed limit (120 Km/h).

Driving from Faro to Lagos, Algarve
Driving from Faro to Lagos – Google Map Link

Lagos by Taxi

Taxis are right outside the airport, it’s almost impossible to miss them. It’s probably the most expensive way to get to Lagos. A Taxi trip from Faro Airport to Lagos will cost you around €85 on weekdays and between 6AM and 9PM (depending on the driver). Outside these times and on weekends the same route can cost you up to €150. Prices can also vary according to the number of seats needed.

Lagos by Train

Lagos train station is located behind the marina and just a 15 minutes walk from the city centre. It connects directly with Faro train station and the trip usually lasts around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

If you want to go from Faro to Lagos by train, you can take a Bus from the Airport — just outside the Arrivals — which will cost you around €2, or get a Taxi which will cost you around €10. A regional train ticket costs around €7,20.

Faro Train Station Map
Main Faro Train station location map – Google Map Link

Faro the train station is just nearby the BUS station and behind the docklands, and trains run daily at regular intervals between Faro and Lagos. It’s recommended to check on CP Website (main train operator in Portugal) for up-to-date timetables and prices.

Lagos by Bus

One can easily get to Lagos by Bus straight from Faro. But in order to get a Bus to Lagos you will need to go from the Airport to the main Bus station in Faro. For that, you can take a Bus from the Airport — just outside the Arrivals — which will cost you around €2, or get a Taxi which will cost you around €10. You will need to head to the “Terminal Rodoviário de Faro”. A Bus ticked from Faro to Lagos costs around €6.

Faro Bus Station Map
Main Faro Bus station location map – Google Map Link

Main Bus destinations from Faro to Lagos run from 8AM (first Bus) to 5PM (last Bus). It’s advisable to check EVA site (main Bus operator — PDF Link) beforehand to check for more accurate timetables.

Buses from Faro to Lagos usually run at regular intervals throughout the day, and the journey takes about 2 hours.