Discover Lagos, Western Algarve

Lagos (Western Algarve) is often considered “the ancient Portuguese window to the world”; mostly because of its historic roots. It was here that in the 15th century Infante D. Henrique, “O Navegador” started his quest opening way to the Portuguese historic discoveries. The main port of Lagos quickly became one of the most important points among all international routes where many cultures would meet and exchange goods.

Beach in Lagos, Algarve
photo credits lauesplendix

Nowadays Lagos highlights and attractions lie in the beauty of its rock and sand beaches. Scuba diving and beach walking are highly recommended as it will give you an unparalleled feeling and insight into the soul of the Region. The coast is also particularly attractive and can be explored by sea using the scenic tours of boats that run regularly from the marina. Either you like long stretches of sand dunes, like Meia Praia, or smaller and more sheltered beaches such as Praia da Boneca or Praia Dona Ana, any of the options are appealing.

Due to its size, Meia Praia is the place of choice for water sports, while the cliffs of the smaller beaches offer caves, pools dug into the rocks and sheltered places to the delight of families.

Lagos, Algarve
photo credits glenbowman

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