Praia do Camilo / Boneca

Praia do Camilo, also known as Praia da Boneca (Doll Beach) is a small beach that holds a lovely natural rock pool between high cliffs with curious shapes. In fact, one of these formations eventually gave name to the beach because it had the shape of a woman’s body.

The beach is very narrow and should only be visited at low tide since there is a possibility of stones falling, it’s recommended attention to the track along the cliffs and caution when walking on the cliff top, keeping a safe distance from the edge.

Praia do Camilo in Lagos, Algarve
photo credit coda

Access to the beach is not very easy, and and it’s done trough the pine tree area nearby. The steep stairway leading to the beach has been restructured, giving place to a more friendly wooden stairway. Before the restructuring, the access was very difficult and in many occasions, the stone stairs were only visible during low tide.

At the top of the cliff there is a restaurant specialized in fish and seafood, from its terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view.