Praia de São Roque

São Roque Beach is today part of the long stretch of sandy beach known as Meia Praia, and it doesn’t technically qualify anymore as a standalone beach. Still, many locals continue to refer to it as Praia de São Roque. The original beach was initially named and formed due to a river stream that crossed and divided Meia Praia.

São Roque Beach, received its name from a 15th century hermitage (the Ermita de São Roque) that once stood there and was founded by Milanese and Sicilian who exploited tuna fishing. Changes in the delta of the Bensafrim stream — either due to hydrodynamics and sediment of the coastline, either by action of the 1755 earthquake that destroyed the chapel of S. Roque — would eventually shut down the arm of the river leading to integration that space in Meia Praia.

Praia de São Roque is a 5 minute drive from the center of Lagos by heading over the bridge and following the signs to (and past) the Lagos train station. Other options are a walk over the pedestrian footbridge, or simply taking Lagos water taxi (a 2 minute ride) across the river. Lagos water taxis are located just across the road from the main square.