Meia Praia Beach

The sandy Meia Praia runs trough the wide bay of Lagos, commencing near Bensafrim and stretching for more than 4Km to the sand barrier of the Ria de Alvor. It’s wide sandy beach with a very clean white sand, cold water and a good range of bars and beach support. In the summer mornings, it’s known for being good for hiking — until out of sight —, and good for water sports (windsurfing, kite, etc.) in the afternoons. To the West you can see the city of Lagos, with sandy arms that extend into the sea.

Meia Praia in Lagos, Algarve
photo credits wikimedia

Meia praia is also one of the beaches where the famous and popular Banho 99 happens in August every year.

In some spots along the beach, you can catch “condelipas” (typical type of clams) at low tide. Meia Praia beach was made ​​famous in the song “Os índios da Meia Praia” by Zeca Afonso — a famous Portuguese political musician and poet. Meia Praia is essentially the only sandy beach in Lagos, favoring sports.

Historians claim that it was in front of these beaches that in 1522, the galleons carrying the treasure of Moctezuma — the Aztec emperor captured by Herman Cortez soldiers — foundered and sank.