Church of Santo António

Classified as a national monument as of 1924, this beautiful church is located in Lagos. It was most likely built during the reign of Dom Joao V. for the military of Lagos. At one of the rare occasions, when an earthquake occurred in Portugal, in 1755, the church got damaged but later recovered by the Hugo Beaty order.

Church of Santo António in Lagos

photo credits joliexis

In the early 20th century, the church was in an awful condition and due to the lack of financial means, it only got to be repaired starting 1930 when it officially became part of the Lagos Regional Museum.

The characteristics of the church carry baroque traces as per the main facade. Although the outside of the church is plain and simple, with clear walls and stone, the oculus is decorated with shells and the national shield, it has a painted, vaulted ceiling, the walls are gilded and decorated with tiles. Along the side walls you can find 8 paintings, depicting scenes of the life of Santo Antonio. The vestry became a sacred art room for religious items.The lateral facade includes a large round arch creating a vaulted porch. The church has two towers, including 2 bells and a clock, which was integrated in 1839.

If you wish to attend a service in this beautiful church, be aware, they only do one religious service per year, and that is on the 13th of June.