Castle and City Walls of Lagos

The Castle of Lagos, also known as Castelo dos Governadores (The Governors Castle), retains its initial construction after having undergone many changes over time.

Castle of Lagos (Governors Castle)
Castle of Lagos (Governors Castle) ‹ photo credits wikimedia

With an origin in the Roman period, Lagos Castle and city walls were renovated by the Arabs and greatly expanded during the 16th century between the reigns of King D. Manuel and Filipe I. This expansion was done due to a need for protection of the growing urban area of the city.

In the mid-sixteenth century, Lagos was the large base of support to the Portuguese Discoveries, it was one of the places from where sailors left to their main expeditions and an entrance hub for many of the products sold. This strategic importance of Lagos gave way to a considerable economic development, which ultimately resulted in its urban growth.

Lagos walls have nine towers prepared to receive artillery and seven gates of access. At the end of the 16th century, one section of the walls was transformed into a residence for the Algarve Governors.